is there a standard way to print the current date and time to the logger
screen from within an ncf script? This is to have a reference of when
certain automatic tasks actually run. First I thought the %env variables
offer everything I need (year, month, day, hour, minute), but I cannot
find a way to actually "print" them.

I thought using something like
ECHO [env %year]-[env %month]-[env %day] [env %hour]:[env %minute]
until I found out that:

a) the [env %variablename] syntax only works if used with the commands
%if, %do, %while and
b) the "echo" command does not echo any text at all, it just controls
whether command lines from an ncf script are echoed to the screen or not
("echo on" or "echo off"). Also, those command echoes appear on the
console screen, not the logger screen.

So: Do you know of any easy way to print the current time (or any other
text) to the logger screen?

By the way: "%env" is not to be confused with java "setenv" or netwares
traditional "set" configuration settings. Those are three different
environment variable types, all completely seperate from each other.

Markus Borst

TU Darmstadt