This is my fourth install of OES2 Linux into my existing tree. One clean
install (64 bit), one upgrade from SLES10 SP1, and one upgrade from OES SP2.
I have yet to have one go smoothly, and this one is no exception.

Clean install (64-bit OS version) into existing tree. It gets to 53% when
configuring eDirectory then hangs. Objects are successfully created in the
directory, but communications are not successfully established with the
current tree replica host(s). Eventually the install times out waiting for
eDirectory to respond via LDAP.

One thing I did not do during the install was to download all the updates
after registering with the customer portal. I am going to download the
updates and try again using ndsconfig.

Any suggestions for tracking this down, should the above not work?


Dennis R. Crowther, CNE