I have NW 6.5 SP6 servers and I'm getting ready to install SP7.

1. Does the "Security Services 2.0.4" need to be installed before SP7 or is
it included?

2. The post SP7 patch "NW65SP6_CIMOM4" instructions say to:
- a. Unzip the file NW65SP6_CIMOM4.ZIP
- b. Shut down the owcimomd by typing "UNLOAD OWCIMOMD".
- c. Copy the cimom.zip file to the root of the Netware server (SYS:\).
- d. Unzip the cimom.zip file by typing at console "UNZIP -o CIMOM.ZIP".
The cimom files will be placed in the correct directories when the file
is unzipped.
- e. Start OWCIMOMD by executing the following NCF file "OPENWBEM.NCF".

I have typed "UNZIP -o CIMOM.ZIP" at the console, it show zip.nlm as loaded
and that is it. I don't see any extraction or activity. Am I missing
something on this?