We have ZCM as follows:

Product Version: 10.0.0

Windows Server 2003 SP2

When we first installed ZCM we had a standard MS install relative to AD

Since we are using containers now for GEO locations and dept. we have
created many new containers and have moved all of our users and groups into
their appropriate containers. None of the new containers exist beneath the
MS default USERS container.

On the ZCM configuration page, where we have added users selecting them from
within AD, the user accounts that exist in the default MS container USERS
are able to login to the ZCM web site. If the user exists in another
container, they cannot.

I'm sure this has to do with where LDAP is searching for the user account,
but I know not where to add the new structure so the users can be found.

Guidance is appreciated!!!

Thank you.