I've installed ZENworks 7 into an environment that was recently migrated from NetWare 6.5 to Windows 2003. For reasons that I'd rather not go into, several (as in a few hundred) users ended up with passwords that are out of sync between their eDirectory and Active Directory user accounts. This, as you know, results in a second, ZENworks login screen showing up when they try to login. Fun and hijinx ensue.

I can go in and, after obtaining the users current password, fix each account one at a time, but that is painfully time consuming. Is there a way to automatically fix this? Is there is some sort of utility or process that can take a users AD account password and put it into their eD account (or visa versa)? Additionally, is there a way to automatically create an eD account whenever a new AD account is created? Right now I have to create them separately. Not only is this annoying, but the double-entry increases the risk of non-matching passwords.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,