I've read every TID, CoolSolution, and forum post I can find. I've tuned and tweaked and poked. Still, I have two ZEN servers with "Available Logical Space" that drops as low as 300 MB.

I've worked with SEG.NLM. I'm no expert, but nothing seems wrong. No console errors. No other performance issues, either in NRM or on the user side. I'd easily give these boxes a B+ in health and performance, if not an A.

I've attached post01.JPG, please check it out...

The capture shows NRM Health Monitor and the Trend Graph, both for the "Available Logical Space" statistic within 15 seconds of each other. Clearly the twain don't meet.

I'd like to think that the graph is right. SEG.NLM seems to backs up the graph. Is this a bug? The servers are NW6.5 SP6 +patches...

I've dropped the "Warning Threshold" on the monitor.

Before I go posting SEGSTATS, someone advise me, is it safe to ignore the Health Monitor Screen on this one stat. Am I right that it's a cosmetic problem with NRM?

Which is right, the table or the graph???