Netware 6.5 server with an Adaptec Scsi and a pair of Seagate Scsi
duplexed drives, there is a message on the console stating a disk failure
has occured and the drives are not mirrored.

The server appears to still running properly and Backup Exec 9.1 is
currently performing a server backup.

I'm connecting remotely to the server and can't see the console message
that was reported to me. The worksation in the network I'm connected to
runs Nwadmin32.exe ver 5.1.9F. Is there a way I can run some type of
server-health report to deterime what damage the duplexed drives have been
hit with?

Also, if I down the server, replace the drive with an identical SCSI drive
and make sure it is jumpered idental, will Netware 6.5 automatically
mirror the new drive without any intervention?