recently we have changed our printing from NDPS to iPrint (using ZFD6/7),
of course went into some issues (most could be fixed with ipp pathes from
MS, however it broke the remaining W2K workstations, all other are XP...).
Actually most issues are fixed except for one annyoing with 2 (yes..those
aren't very knew..) remaining HP Business InkJet 1700: Printers distribute
well, even printing STARTS and the job itself seems to complete but
crashes the spooler. Restarting the spooler and doing any other print job
(to any printer) will resume the output and the first job is printed too.

Seems to be a driver issue with iPrint(?), haven't seen this on any other
model yet. Anyone knows about a possible replacement driver?

ty in advance

P.S.: iPrint 4.26 or 4.32 on XP SP2 with print fixes installed, latest
NDPS for NW6.5SP6.