I have a three node(alpha, delta, gamma) cluster. I've installed DHCP on one node. I've created the resource object. Everything works fine on the single node(alpha). When I try to migrate the resource to a different node(delta), I get the following error:

DHCPSRVR.LOG file successfully opened.                                          
0   : Logged in as Server                                                       
Error [-603] reading LocatorPtr attr from Server obj                      
WARNING: Unable to read Locator Info from NDS, reading older cached copy i
      Error opening file SYS:/ETC/DHCP/DHCPLOC.TAB                              
      Unable to read cached copy of the Locator Object                          
      DHCPSRVR is ready for Remote Access support at 1-16-2008 11:13:08 am.     
No LAN based IP address assignment is possible.
I'm not sure what I'm missing here. Every configuration detail should be stored. The only odd ball issue I can see is that the resource load script only has a reference to alpha_s1.

add secondary ipaddress
dhcpsrvr -d3 --servaddr=