Hi all,

I have some design questions for ZCM

As I understand it, ZCM has one database (in a single zone configuration)
and all ZCM servers communicate with the database.

The servers by default are installed in peer mode (read read/write
directly with the database with a JDBC/ODBC connection) the other option
is in parent/child where communication is done via http to the database.

1)I want to put one server in each of our 5 remote sites. The lines
between the site are T1s (1.5 Mbits/sec, these lines are currently used
for internet browsing, emails...etc). Is this enough? Will the
communication to the database choke the lines. Each site has between 50
and 100 users. We will be using ZCM for app deployment, policy management
and asset inventory

2)Is the information cached on the local server? Example, does the local
ZCM server have to poll the database across the wire every time a user
logs on (to know witch policies to apply and apps to publish in the Nal
window…etc) even if I configured the Closest Server Rule?

3)With this relatively low throughput, should I use a Peer setup or go
with a Parent/Child setup…or should I stick with version 7.

Has anybody setup ZCM in a network with remote sites?

Thanks for your help.