Hey all, perhaps this is a discussion for the virtualization forum, but
I thought I could get a few good opinions here. Anyone have to make this
arguement yet? My director isn't 100% sold on the anything but VMWare,
thought she's not opposed to alternatives. She likes the warm and
fuzzies of the market share and maturity arguements. Also, they hired a
consulting firm to assist with a network upgrade project who won't even
consider anything but ESX. I however, am not so easy to walk around. I'm
pushing for VI for more than the obvious reasons. The very technology is
flat out better IMO.

So I need some assistance here. I've studied it and know the differences
in them all, but I need to sell it to my director and apparently the
consultants too. Though I don't why it matters to us what they think...

Any first hand account of why you didn't or wouldn't use VI over VMWare?