I am trying to get samba working on my OES2 server. The process has not
been smooth.

I was getting the error:
"Could not Samba enable the user for group, TWLXFILE-W-SambaUserGroup.
Could not find samba domain for {0}. "

Appeared I needed to add a samba domain object. I tired the info at:

But that document did not create a Samba domain object.

I then manually created a Samba domain object in Imanager. This stopped
the error of IManager not finding the Samba domain, but created three
other issues:

1) When I finally add a person to the Samba group, I get an error that the
user can not be added to TWLXFILE-W-SambaUserGroup and
But I only have one TWLXFILE-W-SambaUserGroup group. And still Imanager
adds the user with the error.

2) When Samba is running, I do not see the server name with "-W" in my
network places in the Windows group "workgroup". I only see the server
without the "-W".

3) The Samba server keeps on stopping. It does not stay running for more
than 10-15 minutes.

Anyone have ideas on how to correctly configure Samba? I only need it so
a non NCP clients can see Novell volumes.

Phil J.