Hi all,

One of my clients uses Commvault and they want to upgrade their NW5.1
servers to OES2 Linux. Great!

Unfortunately, I'm getting mixed reports on exactly what Commvault
supports. So the questions are:

1. Does Commvault support OES2 on Linux both traditional Linux file
systems and NSS volumes?

2. Does Commvault backup eDirectory on Linux?

3. If it does these things, is it sensitive to kernel version?

One of their reps says in only supports SuSe Linux 10 Enterprise
Server 32-bit edition with kernel and glib-2.4-31.30
(Patch Level 1).

If that's true, the thing's practically useless.

I've been all over their site trying to verify this. Really bad site.
I can't find any _technical_ information on the thing. Plenty of
marketing fluff, but nothing nuts-and-bolts technical.

Should anyone know answers to these burning questions, please
enlighten me.