I am preparing to migrate a 6.0SP5 server to new hardware with the same
OS. Yes, I know it's an old OS but the management just laughs at me when
I suggest the upgrade.

In my test lab, I've run a couple migrations successfully. However,
iManager is broken after each migration. Neither IE nor Firefox will
display anything using https://[server-ip]:2200/eMFrame/iManage.html. I
can get to the Remote Manager but there is no link to iManager. Suggestions?

Should I install the live server license on the Pre-Migration server or
use the demo license and wait until after the cutover?

Next, this isn't a question, just something that others might find
helpful. After the migration, my NDPS Broker and Manager come back up,
but my printer agent didn't. The object was visible in NWAdmin, but when
I inspect the Manager and check Printer Agent List, it's empty. At the
Manager console screen, I ran NDPS Manager Status and Control > Database
Options > Restore Database > From NDS, and my agent reappeared.