We're using DDNS names with iPrint and after the semi recent holiday break,
our netware (6.5 SP7) server kept tring to print to "old" ip addresses (the
ones the printers had before the break instead of the new one it received
when it was turned back on. I checked DNS on some of the devices and DHCP
did update the DDNS records correctly. So, I ended up having to
shutdown/restart all of the printers to get them fixed. While that is not a
major deal for some, it is when one has to deal with 1200+ printers. This
was finally brought to my attention after the printers had been back on for
several days. Seems NDPSM should have refreshed the IP address from the DNS
names in that timeframe??

Does NDPSM ever refresh IP addresses from DNS? Is there a setting to make
it do so?

The funny part about the above is that one printer got it's new address
which was the address of a different printer before the break. So, when
people printed to printer X.. the jobs came out on printer Y (on a different
floor of the same building). Luckily, they were both the same model printer
as I've seen the mess of paper you can ruin by using the wrong drivers.