When Netware 6.5 first came out it came with Nterprise Branch Office which
allowed you to exchange file data between a central office and a branch
office. Now that Novell is up to service pack 7, and named OES2, I'm just
wondering what would be the best way to accomplish the following:

Head Office in North America
Netware 6.5 sp 7 servers (started at sp1 and continually patched until now
at sp7)
Project data for a specific project found in SRV\DATA:\Projects\12345
Quantity of initial data is roughly 30 Gigs. Only about 200Meg of data gets
changed per day.
Dedicated Internet Connection with static IP

Branch office to be in located in an office in the United Arab Emirates
Branch office will have six people working off a server - server to be
purchased and configured in the near future
Remote users running laptops with "Client for Microsoft Networks" - No
Novell clients.
Printing will be to local printers.
Dedicated Internet Connection with static IP

Is Rsync the best way to handle sync'ing files between the two servers? Or
is there another technology that has since surpassed Rsync for exchanging
files between two locations.

BTW, many of these files are Photoshop files, with sizes on the order of
500Meg. A user downloading them as needed using iFolder or NetStorage will
take too much time.

I look forward to your response.