I recently upgraded a NW 5 server to 6.5.7. We have both Macintosh
OS-9 and Windows clients. The Macintosh clients are anxious to move
to OS 10.5 and we have one attached. I have AFPTCP loaded on the

I'm trying to learn what to do to log in using the AFP rather than

How is it supposed to work to log in from the new OS 10.5 iMac to the
new 6.5.7 server? It looks like I'm connecting with CIFS because when
I look in the iMac Filer, I see all the Windows PCs and our Netware
server with a -W after it. I can log in to the Netware server this
way, but it appears that the resource forks on our files do not work.
If there is a file that was created by Macintosh-Microsoft-Word that
does not have a .DOC extension, the iMac sees it as a UNIX executable
file. If I rename that file with a .doc extension, then it opens with
Word and is fine. I believe that to mean that the resource fork was
not involved in choosing the program to open the file.

Before, we used the ProSoft Engineering Netware Client for Macs
(www.prosofteng.com) . I believe I could update and use it with the
OS 10.5 version. This logs the iMac into the NDS tree, and pays full
attention to inherited file permissions, rights, etc.

As you may surmize, I don't work with an iMac and a Netware server all
that much, so I'm learning about OS 10.x as I go.