As far as i understand, on SLES you don't pay for servers, you get as much of those as you want for free, but you have to buy licences for each user...

my question, what counts for a user?

Obviously nobody considers unique Webhit's as "a user", nobody in his right mind would accept this..

but then what does count?

i remember on Netware , the rule was , valid nds user, with a full ncp connection to edir/server = 1 user, anything else, doesn't count

Does this still hold water on SLES, and also for OES2?

eg, setup an OES2 server, with ifolder running off external LDAP source
no NDS , or even NDS users, no NCP connections
just ifolder users...

or, similar, with just ftp used

how does Novell measure what user licences are required?
For what type of connections/use do you need to start counting the user licences, and for what type can you just "fogettaboutit"?