Can anybody help me with this?
After much faffing around I managed to get a driver for this network card
from realtek that compiled.
I've unzipped and un cpio'd the initrd from the imaging ISO CD.
I've copied the compiled r8101.ko into
I've the re cpio'd the files and re gzipped them as per documentation.
No joy - the imaging CD behaves like the ko isnt there pressing alt-f4
when booting the machine from the cd reveals it is unsucessfully tring to
use the r6189 driver. I've tried editing the module.config and modules.dep
files, I've even tried addind a insmod="r8101.ko" to linuxrc.config to no
avail (the kernel panics)
What am I missing? What step is it I have missed that tells the o/s on the
imaging ISO about the r8101.ko?
I'm using zen 7.1 sp1 ir1 hp1 (ie the latest thing from novell, there's no
upgrade I can try).

Help please?