Short: TSM does not backup directories if only the directory quota is

Long: We use the Tivoli TSM client to backup our NetWare 6.5 servers.
TSM is based around the idea of only doing incremental backups, i.e.
only changes are transmitted, there is no full backup (except you really
want one).

Problem is, TSM does not realize if a directory quota (directory space
restriction) is changed. If the directory is backed up anyway, the quota
is backed up with it. It I change anything else (for example, set a new
trustee), TSM detects the change and does a backup of the directory.

But if only the quota is changed, the directory is not detected as
changed and consequently not backed up. IBM claims, this is because the
TSAFS provides the quota as an optional value, and thus this is not
checked for changes. This might be true, but the situation is not tolerable.

Question: Does anybody else have this problem with another backup
solution? Do you loose recent quota changes after an incremental backup
is restored? Anybody got a solution?

Markus Borst
TU Darmstadt - Germany