I've been waiting a considerable time for Novell OES 2, I found out that
is finally out. The reason that I have been waiting for it, is to finally
migrate our apache web server from Netware to OES 2, since I need to use
the module mod_edir, which authenticate Apache with Edirectory.

I tried a couple of months ago, to use mod_edir to authenticate
Edirectory, with Apache 2 in OES 1, but it won't apply the privelages of
every user of Edirectory it just either accept or not accept the user to
access all the files. For what I understand OES 2 will take of this
problem importing mod_edir to Apache 2 under Linux, since mod_edir was
originally develop for Netware.
Now I found out that after all the waiting Novell did not import mod_edir,
my question is : What will be the solution for me to authenticate
Edirectory trough Apache applying the right the permissions to every
user. I mean it should be a solution for this, if not is like Novell is
giving up on Edirectory is like IIS not authenticating Active Directory,
the truth it does not make sense for, me It will really aprecite a
solution for this problem.


Miguel Andujar