We have received our first HP DC7800 workstation and I'm attempting to
connect to our ZfD Imaging server.

I had v7.0.1.5 on disk and PXE boot and the application failed during load.

I upgraded to ZDM7sp1_IR1_HP1 ( When I PXE boot the DC7800, the
imaging application boots, I select the Maintenance Mode, the console gets
to activating USB Drives, flashes something with parent in it and then a
Linuxrc error comes up that says Could Not Find ZenWorks Installation
Source, Activating Manual Setup Program.

With a boot CD, I can load the application but when I look at the detected
hardware it says that the NIC is undetected.

Both methods work fine with DC7600 or older HP machines with
ZDM7sp1_IR1_HP1. Any Suggestions?

Thanks for assistance,