We will use the universal PW for the IDM but we still the NDS-password.
We have a tree with some hundres of users and old Cluster-Servers with
Netware 6.5 Sp4 and new OES-1(SLES)-Servers. We have read the documetation
from Novell, and we have set an Object-poliy for the univesal password but
we have problem to activate this.

- The old NDS-password is working for all
- The policy is create with iManager 2.6 plus PW-Managmnt-Plug-in 2.0.5
- if the policy is assign to Organitation, nothing happens.
(it seem like it is not following down the tree)
the Universal Password can not be set in iManager
(it seem that is not activated fot the users)
- if policy is assigned direct to test-user, then the dialog in the
imanager allow to enter a password, bu during the save it gives
an error: 1697.
- the test-user now can login still with the nds-password, but on the
client (4.91 sp4), he has to choose NDS-Login-method, the default setting
not work.

Mostly we have Clients 4.91 sp1, sp2. is thsi O.K. ?!=?

Any help is welcome!