Dear friends,
One customer has a Novell Netware network with NW 4.11, NW 5.0 and NW 6.5.
Hes upgrading all servers and decided "gently" remove the Netware 5
server from his network. This server was the first Netware 5.0 installed.
The NW 6.5 holds the master replica and the NW 5.0 had a RW one. He
removed the server from the replica ring and then from NDS. Everything seems
to be OK.
Now he installed a new NW 6.5 (SP6) on the network and received a message
stating a problem with PKI, during the install process. But he didnt write
down the message, so I dont know what the message was.

The questions are:
1 - Should he experience some kind of trouble with PKI in the future??
2 - Did exist a CA on that NW 5.0 server? If so, should it have been
transferred to the NW6.5 server?

Marcos Vianna