We are experimenting with Suse 10 and have run into some challenges we
were hoping someone could give us insight into:

1) Are there any "best practices" for backing up? We are running into
some issues with TAR when backups reach 2Gb. We backup our Windows and
Netware servers with BE for Netware (may be switching to BE 11 for
windows in the future). Any recommendations?

2) We want to allow windows boxes to map to a share on the SUSE server
but have not been able to get this to work. Can anyone point me at the
proper documentation or give any tips? We have tried some tutorials and
information on the forums with no luck.

3) We want to have SUSE automatically map to a windows share on boot. We
have the commands needed in fstab, but it will not mount on boot. It
will however mount with a mount -a. Any ideas what we are missing?

Thanks for any ideas you are willing to provide.