I was wondering whether anyone has been able to make this update work yet? For me it seems to be full of MORE bugs and yet another failure of this software to work as documented!

Here is the sequence of events when trying to upgrade a 10.0.1 server (I have two primary servers, one on x64 Windows 2003 R2 and one on x86 Windows 2003 R2).

Download update via system updates on x64 server. Download successful, bundle failed. Update stuck in sync mode.

Install ZCC update and clear update.

Download update via system updates on x86 server. Download successful, bundle successful. Authorise update, attempt to deploy without using staging groups... nothing happens at all, update deployment says pending in ZCC.

Cancel update

Remove ZCC update that allowed updated to be cleared previously.

Download update (again) on x86 server, all successful, authorise and deploy from x86 server. The update has deployed to x64 server. It ran the update and asked for reboot. Upon reboot all services restarted and the version.txt shows 10.0.2.

BUT... no updates have applied at all on the x86 server and thats the one that was pushing it out! In ZCC both servers show the updates listed as upcoming tasks with a time of now, however nothing is happening.

On the server where the update did apply, I have the system-update folder from $ZENHOME\work. I was thinking of trying to copy it and then run the system_update_10_0_2.exe manually but I am worried that might break things further. I am seeing a lot of java exception on the machine that has not updated.

Can anyone from Novell offer any help on actually making this product work.