Long story short:

I've got a ton of workstations where the ZEN 7 agent isn't working right
(and the ZEN 6.5 agent isn't working right)

Basically the NAL won't run (no matter what you do).

The only fix is to run a repair

But I'm wondering how to use the REGREAD command in the login script to
query for something like this to fix it.

Obviously the "broken" 6.5 workstations I can't upgrade via NAL

Any ideas?

I've not been able to determine the culprit, as when you try to manually
run ANY NAL item (naldesk, etc.) you don't get an error, just nothing

ONCE (and I mean one time out of a few hundred) I've seen (for about 3
seconds) a brief error about some MS Visual C++ error or something (so
not sure if ZEN relies on that and it's having a problem or what).