OK, I've got a weird one...

I have several servers, various NW distros, including two recently updated to NW65 SP7. From an XP workstation using IE7, I can open NORM on all. However, from a healthy, unremarkable Vista workstation (tried 3 so far) I can only open NORM on one SP7 server, and never the other. It returns a "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error. Up until I hung SP7 on it, I could get in via Vista/IE7 just fine.

I have tried different workstation IP's; I have tried different versions of Vista; I have tried DNS vs. IP for the addy; I have fiddled with every Vista security/firewall setting I can find -- but I can always open NORM on one SP7 host from Vista/IE7, and not the other. Same for the iPrint web interface, and the software server on port 2200.

The SP7 install was without incident, and appeared otherwise normal. The function and stability of the (affected) server are fine. The only problem I can ascertain is with NORM/iPrint GUI/etc. (A.K.A. httpstk.nlm services) from Vista.

I have compared NLM versions between the two NW65 SP7 servers, looking for updates that got skipped somehow, but don't find any. I am totally stumped.

Anyone who can shed some light would be greatly, greatly appreciated. I need to get iPrint online so I can roll it out to my students, who return Monday. I can put them off for a while, but I know a bunch of the dears are going to be showing up with new Vista machines, and I need to have a solution for them.

Best regards to all,

--Andres Alvarez

Network Manager, College of Environmental Design
University of California, Berkeley