I have a 6.0 server running SP5. I'm getting ready to add a new 6.5
server. Following the instructions I am updating eDir to 8.8 SP2. I go
into NWConfig and do the add remove program. It starts to run the
process but quits with the message:

SERVER-5.60-141 Unable to find load file

I looked in that directory and the only thing in it is an NLS
subdirectory. The directory I extracted the eDir_88_sp2 _NW.exe file to
(sys:\edir) does have the file. It looks like it started copying the
files to the temporary install directory and just quit.

I thought about copying the files there manually but figured I better
get some advice first. Any ideas what might be causing this or how to
get it to work? Looks like my current version of eDir is 8.6.2 if that

Tony Perun