I have been using BM since it came out and worked with the beta 3.9 and
the released 3.9 in another tree.

Didn't have any issues there, well except the inability to apply some of
the rules, they the prebeta fix takes care of that.

The issue I have now is this.

In a different tree, I am installing a BM server. It was a brand new
install on a box which is only for BM. I installed NW65SP6 from the
overlay DVD. Installed 3.9 and I can't go to the proxy or access list
options via iManager.

When I first installed the server, the
SYS:tomcat4workSTANDALONELOCALHOSTNPSportalmodules bmacl didn't exist, the
prebeta fix I have has you delete a file in that directory. Craig, if you
read this, I am using they sent us back in August I think it was. So, if
there is a newer one, I don't have it.

Anyway, after doing a few "fresh installs" I finally got the directories
to show up and installed the plugins. Now, when I click on Proxy or Access
Rules, it just times out with a 503 after a while.

Any ideas as to why?