We are running Netware 6.0.5 with BorderManager 3.8.4

It's an end of life situation, since we are planning to replace the server
within the next quarter.
Since January first we are having problem with Surfcontrol. I wasn't able
to renew the key, so surfing the net was open to everybody.
Management didn't think it was a problem for the next months to come, so i
left it like that.

But after a reboot of the server we got problems with the proxy
connection, so i removed the "Enforce Acces rules" and unloaded
cpfilter.nlm (Surfcontrol module).

But after the restart the server cpu kept busy at 85% to 95%, only after
unloading proxy.nlm it would return to a normal state. After laoding
proxy.nlm it went up again.

After about 15 to 20 minutes i got the console message "ACLcheck.nlm read
18 rules from NDS" , and then the CPU sank to normal state again and proxy
worked fine.

What has been happening here ? Why does ACLcheck consume so much CPU ?