I want to make a backup from two HP 8510p (GB955EA) notebook with Novell Netware 6.5 SP7, ZFD 6.5, ZENworks 7 sp1 Imaging on USB (because this stuff handle the notebook NIC).

The notebook:
Processor, Mhz: Core2Duo T7500 (2200)
Memory, Mb: 1024 MB
HDD, Gb: 160 GB

NIC: 82566MM Gigabit Ethernet Controller

15.4 WSXGA+WVA, DVD/CD-RW, 56K Modem, 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth, FingerPrintReader, 8 cells Li-Ion akku.

HP pre-installed Vista

So if i make an image from this hdd, the next is the situation:
The image file creating time is: 210 minute on 100Mbit lan.
The size is (from the 160 GB hdd/40GB used) _25 GB_, and all ok under creating, at the end of process i become the next message:
"Image file successfully created". Yet great.

But in the image restore i get to nowhere.

After i started the restore process ( typed .zmg location, and ok) not happens nothing at first sight.

On the console 2 with ifconfig i seeing, thath the RX and the TX packest size got over than 800 MB. (RX: 1297 MB, TX: 870,8 MB.)

Cca. 30 minutes later the img app sends this message:
"Error: No eligible partitions to recive image"

What can i do?

Thanks for all ideas.

Sorry for my english.