I know the documentation suggest you 'may' not want to install ZCM on a
Domain Controller. However, how much of an issue is that in reality? We have
a Dual 3G Xeon machine with 4 Gigs RAM. We're a small network (about 50
machines), so even running PDC, DNS/DHCP, file service, ZAM (7.5) and
Symantec Client Security Server and WSUS, it doesn't seem to be working very
hard at all.

My plan would be to remove ZAM and WSUS in favor of ZCM. I could run this
all in a Virtual Machine, but with imaging, that gets a little questionable
in allocating Virtual Disk space.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Is running ZCM on a DC a problem, or is it just
a matter of CPU/RAM resources?