trying to access one website...pages come up blank. no errors...just nothing.

If I take a laptop and connect to an open neighborhood displays normally. So, it seems to be just going through the proxy. (Not a "rule" issue...tested with an "allow any" user account...same result.) Also tried firefox 2.0.011, and on a mac/firefox, too.

found in the tids, some info about proxy.cfg settings..."passcontentlength" and related settings. ours are set to "1"...tried setting them to "0", but it made no difference. (yes, I did "unload proxy/load proxy -cc").

We're patched up as much as can be with BM3.8 on NW6.5/sp5. (can't apply the wsock update on the tips page, as it won't install on anything less than nw65sp6. perhaps I should go to sp7 ?).
also using Craig's latest proxy.cfg.

here's the site:
American Institute of Architects Convention

click on any one of the listed sessions, and everything in that window comes up blank.