What the &*#(%$ am I doing wrong? I'm new to Linux and the OES variant. To
learn we are installing OES 9 SP2, new install and tree. During the
install I change the password type to blowfish and set the root password.
Moving on, the install prompts for the eDir. part. I set the password for
admin (different than root). The OES portion starts and stops a 50
percent. If I press <cntrl><alt> F1, I see it is awaiting a password. If I
do nothing it does nothing, typing the root users password allows the edir
to initialize then hang a 83 percent. Again, I have to enter the root user
password and the schema in updated. Once the services configuration starts
it hangs and again it is looking for a password. I enter the edir admin
user password and in it moves on usually failing to initialize the service.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? The test server is a Dell PE 2500 with 1GB
of RAM.