Hello all.

I am trying to write script to copy Thunderbird profile located in

When only selecting this application during a migration, I get a weird
error, and the script does not work. (see script below), although the
"Check syntax" says it has 0 errors.

I am getting the error:
Level: Error
All Application Settings\Thunderbird Profile
Syntax Error: syntax error on Line: 3 (}())
If i fill the first 10 lines of Detection() with Message("test); lines,
it still says the error is on line 3, so i'm not sure what's going on
there. Same if i pad it with blank lines.

Also i'm confused over the use of 'function' and 'ApplyFunction'. In the
example they give, they do have Store commands within 'function
TestStore()', but the docs for 'function' say "Only General commands
(not Store or Apply commands) can occur in this function".

And why isn't there a 'StoreFunction'?

The script below never gets to StoreThunderbird().

Any help?

function Detection()
if (Detect("thunderbird.exe") == false) return;
Option ("Thunderbird Profile",StoreThunderbird,ApplyThunderbird,

function StoreThunderbird()
Message("in storethunderbird function");
//StoreDirectory( APPDATAPATH + "\\Thunderbird");
StoreDirectory( "d:\\temp"); //Testing

function ApplyThunderbird()
ApplyDirectory(APPDATAPATH + "\\Thunderbird");