ok, I am happy with what i have got, and thought i would post it here as
it may help other people.

This is the way i have done it, so it may not be perfect. Feedback welcomed.

I need 4 different versions: admin users create/apply and end users
create/apply. So for admin users it still fills in the options, but
gives them the freedom to change things. For endusers they have limited
menus (when required) so as to steer them in the right direction.

In DNA Studio, I have created 2 custom scripts for Firefox and
Thunderbird. See appendix 1.

Create a Template. choose what you want. tick custom apps. save as 1.dtf

Create 4 option files.
General/on command line, add in:
/m /x /T <pathto>\templates\1.dtf /d <path

untick map network drives. configure other non-important options (do
this on all .dox)

General/on command line, add in:
/disable DNAServicePage::Create /disable DNAServicePage::Source /disable
DNAServicePage::Destination /disable TemplateFileListPage /disable
DNAServicePage::Create /disable EditBoxFilePage /disable SettingsSheet
/disable DestinationSheet /disable UndoPage /T <pathto>\templates\1.dtf

admin-create.dox and admin-apply.dox can be similar to above.

Now to put them all together..

at dos prompt, or create .bat:
<pathto>\DesktopDNA /O enduser-create.dox (or any of the other 3 .dox)

Then it's just trial and error to capture the settings and files you want.

Good Luck! Maybe this will revive the newsgroup.
Ramkumar S

Appendix 1 - Custom applications scripts.
Located in .../Applications Sctipts
(Thunderbird is the same as firefox with thunderbird path substituted)


/* FirefoxProfile.dnajs
Stores Firefox profile for user (or each user selected if doing multiple).

function Detection()
if (Detect("Firefox.exe") == false) return;
Option ("Firefox Profile","StoreFirefox","ApplyFirefox", "Firefox");

function StoreFirefox()
StoreDirectory( APPDATAPATH + "\\Mozilla");

function ApplyFirefox()
ApplyDirectory(NEW_APPDATAPATH + "\\Mozilla");

function PreProcess()
//kill app in case it is open. You can warn them by using
//Message("This will close firefox");
var kill = "c:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\taskkill.exe";
var killoptions = " /F /T /IM firefox.exe";
Execute (kill,killoptions,true);