We are new to this. We are trying to setup a VPN to a remote site and
want DHCP hosted at our primary site so we can send our options to that
site. We have everything working except DHCP Relay.

Is there something that needs to be done on the LAN side of the NetWare
server in order to have it hand out an IP address to the remote site.
Here is our current environment:

We have a Cisco 2821 with VPN enabled at the site with the NetWare DHCP

The NetWare Server is on the network
We have a LinkSys VPN router on the network
The Cisco Router has a address and

We set DHCP Relay on the Linksys router to point to the 192.168.25.x
address if the NetWare server hosting DHCP.

Nothing is happening. Do we need to do something on the DHCP server
settings. Does it require a special pool or option?

Does the NetWare server require an address on the network?


John Jakus