I have moved our ZAM enterprise SQL2005 database to a new server running
I detached from the old server, copied the database files to the new
server, attached the db at the new server and run the MoveDB Final Query
to create the zen db users.. All that worked fine.
I am having problems logging in from a ZAM Manager or a Manager install.
I get an unknown DBP exception-ZAM cannot connect to the Database. I
reattached the original database to the original server and get the same
DBP exception error on a Manager login. I am in desperate need of help. We
have 15 or so UDF fields with some being user input that I would really
hate to lose as well as 10000 plus systems already scanned in. Also, I am
using zenworks 7.5.

Thank you.
Nancy Blocker
Lewisville ISD
Lewisville, Tx.