Zen10.0.2 running on Windows Server 2003 R2 sp2

I create an imaging bundle. In it I create an imaging script. The script is supposed to clear the image safe data so the only line in it is:

zisedit -c

I then configure a preboot hardware rule to run the imaging bundle on a computer with a specific bios serial number.

I turn on the computer with the specific bios serial number, it pxe boots, checks for work, detects work, loads the imaging engine, then when it gets to the bash prompt it goes into some sort of strange loop. It seems to just run the script over and over again for eternity. Any ideas on how to make it stop looping and just reboot or carry on with any other imaging tasks...

I would really like it to just run my script then exit out of the engine and continue booting into the OS. An automatic reboot would also work. Any ideas?