I am working on setting up my first OES2 box. It will host both a virtual
NetWare server and a couple of other small jobs. I have the base
SLES10P1 installed on a basic 40 GB drive. I have a 490GB (useable) RAID
5 drive supported by an Adaptec controller with the driver embedded in
SLES (so I don't have to add any drivers).

The /VAR directory is on the 40 GB drive. I originally set this system up
this way as I was going to install OES1 and would have had a problem with
the RAID configuration. I would prefer to have everything on the RAID as
that would protect the base SLES10SP1 software. Is there any strong
reason why I need to keep the SLES10 software on the 40GB drive.

Are there any "directories" that I should put on an individual partition?
I can easily rebuild the RAID at this point and increase its size to
~750GB or 1TB useable.

Thank you