We are running GMS 2.0.3 against fully patched GW 7.0.2 HP running on NW 6.5 SP7. Using a Verizon Treo 700p running latest app set. Treo700p_-1.10-VZW

The entire Calendar app is dirt slow. 45 second between every single function. Launch it, wait, once it loads wait for it to display info, click on different date....... lather rinse repeat. Herd reset of device did not help. Factory reset did not help. GWcheck against user mailbox checks out. Standard calendar app works fine after reset.

Configuring a different user onto the Treo works fine so I would assume the problem is specific to this users calendar folder in his mailbox. Moved every item of any form from his live mailbox to his personal archive, did a search to verify, reset device and reinstalled GMS client. Still no love...........

Anybody seen this before I attempt to dig really really deep and start moving him to a new device? I am suspecting either something in his calendar itself or the device itself. I think everything else should be ruled out by now.