Looking for ideas ...

WAN Network uses all 3.12 servers with IPX tunneling installed and
activated. Servers communicate with each other via "IP only" VPN's but can
see each other because tunneling is installed on each server. Workstations
have Win XP and NW client 4.91 SP3 installed as "IPX only".

Users can connect to any server via the NW client using the "Advanced"
client dialog and selecting desired server. Servers also exchange files
overnight using NOVCRON and TOOLBOX. Everything works as desired.

New problem: The owner would like to have a VPN (which will be IP only)
installed at his private residence to connect to the company network and
servers in order to work from home on occasion. Since there will not be a
server at his home, there is no device to perform the IPX tunneling
function. Is there some way to install tunneling in the workstation client
so he can log on to a network 3.12 server at the other end of the VPN?