I created a staging group which included my one ZCM 10.0.1 server and
one workstation. My ZCM 10.0.1 server downloaded, synched, and bundled
the 10.0.2 update. I authorized the update and selected the Advance
Through Stages Automatically option. The server and workstation updated
after a short period of time. I have 70 registered workstations. Within
about an hour, all of the workstations were updated. I thought that was
way cool!

However, I had 20 workstations with Deep Freeze installed. The client
updated, but afer the workstations were restarted, the client was
reverted to version 10.0.1. I hoped the workstations would receive the
update again after I "thawed" them in Deep Freeze.

After waiting about 3 hours, 3 of the 20 updated. It's been over 24
hours and the 17 remaining workstations have not updated to 10.0.2. I
have no idea what to look for on the server to indicate what's going
wrong. Any ideas? Is there something I can do to jumpstart this process
again and get them to update faster?