Hi all.

I have been looking for an answer to this small problem.

When you look at a netware server in the tree we have zenworks MM for servers installed into and expand the sub-category containers underneath a server and then expand the operating system under that you will see a users container. If you look at the users summary view on the right, a list of current users logged into the server should come up, but in our tree none do. However, if I select a server in a different tree the info shows up. I have verified that SNMP communities are the same in all trees and on all servers. I am at a loss (so far) as to why this is occurring. All other zenworks server info is working fine (Traps, alerts and even the users trend info).

Our environment has 26 netware 6.5 sp6 with edir 8.8.1 in 3 different trees. We are using Zenworks for Servers 7 SP1-R2.