After renaming a tree we had a lot of trouble. Lots of configuration things remained with the old tree name. (For what reason offers iManager the 'rename tree'-feature if it is not working....)
After hours of reconfiguration OES and eDirectory is living again except samba, vsftp and programs like /sbin/rights.

Our configuration: OES1 without any patch and update (i tried to update with red carpet with the effect that i had to reinstall OES because eDirectory was inconsistent.)

/sbin/rights for example is showing the old tree name.
With vsftp you can log in, but can't do anything on nss-volumes; with samba you can mount sys but no nss volume.
TrusteeInfo.xml and UserInfo.xml in _admin/Manage_NSS/Volume/<vol_name> contents the old tree. So i think that is the problem we have with /sbin/rights, samba and ftp.

Meanwhile i understand that there is a virtual filesystem _admin created at boottime and the documentation is rare about this.

If this filesystem is created at boottime where is the information and where are the configuration files?
How is it possible to edit/change the files or the configuration for the virtual _admin filesystem?

Thank you for your help.