I'm having problems taking an image from a fujitsu siemens Esprimo E5925
computer from pxe boot and bootcd. The error message i get from the bootcd
is Could not find the Zenworks Installation Source Activating manual setup
program, and from PXE boot is network module was not loaded, select OK. If
i select OK, i get the same error message as in the bootcd: Could not find
the zenworks installtion Source Activating manual setup program.

From the the document id: 3421576 on novell documentation base it says
that i can get the imaging kernel to recognize new Device ID's when i get
inside the bash prompt using the bootcd. Getting inside the bash prompt is
the problem. I can't get to the bash prompt because it stops on could not
find the zenworks installation source.

Do anyone have a clue to how i can take an image from this type of
computer and dump this to the imaging server