Hi everyone,

I 'm working in a company where some pcs are win2000 and others XP prof.
I have netware 6.5 sp6 and Zfd7 sp1.

I'm not sure what I have done to create the imaging.

If I have a pc that works correctly with installed a lot of programs
like office, open office,oracle, shell novell, agent zen etc ...)
and I reboot from cd-rom manually to do the image without run sysprep
can I use this image only for this pc? is it correct?

I can't restore this image on another similar computer !! is it true?

I don't know very well the sysprep utility and after my search I have
understood this:

when new pc arrives in my company I think that is pre-installed because
when I turn it on , it ask me the name, organization unit, pwd , date and
regionl option,
BUT it doen't ask me the product-id !! (that is on label of my desktop).
SO I MUST finish the install of windows, then I must install novell
client, the zen agent,
and so on ... that are office, open office, oracle ect, windows update.
At this time, I MUST run the sysprep utility !!! without "setupmgr" first.
IS it correct?
When the pc is turned off, I turn on but I must insert the boot cd-room to
create the image and
run "zisedit -C". Then write img and press F5 to make the image written on
my server novell.

with This Image I can restore on more pc . is it correct?
Because eveytime it asks me the product-id and some others information pc
name, regional setting ....

But will all the programs that I have installed before the image, work
with all users that
are create by zen????