Hi all... I thought this would be the appropriate area to post this, I hope so.

I wanted to find out how WM is connected, WITHOUT using NALDIAG.

I need to determine this unattended and in the background - i.e. a script
needs to check if the WM is connected without involving the user whatsoever.
The script I have runs on the local machine.

I have two versions of zenworks on the network - ZFD 7 and ZFD 7 SP1.
I noted that SP1 has a new registry entry in teh NETWARE>NAL>1.0 key that is
"WMCONNECTED" (True/False), but this does not exist in the non-SP1 version. I
also checked for the DLL ZENAPPWS being loaded, which exists in SP1, but again
not in non-SP1.

Any advice?