I am simply trying to move a GW7.0.2HP domain and post office from a
NetWare server to a OES2 Linux Server in the same container. I move the
domain directory and post office using Dbcopy which works fine.

I then change the MTA and POA agents to have the OES2 IP address and also
change the platform type to Linux and update the new gwdomain and gwpo
information under the domain and post office. Plus I also verify the new
link information is correct, and do a rebuild on the database.

Yet when I then run and install the GW7.0.2HP Linux agents on the OES2
box, when I bring up the POA it has the IP address of the old NetWare
server under the configuration status option. I can't see where to change
this anywhere, so I cannot send messages through the domain.

Has anyone else come across this and can tell me where to change the IP
address in the POA to reflect the new OES2 server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!